Tuesday, May 6

Through The Window

I’ve awoken to another day where the sky is blanketed by hues of greys all mingled… and the wrangling of early winter’s icy fingers grasping tightly to the walls of our warm home.

The light whispers of the chilled winds wisp playfully around the tops of our fir trees and another pine cone drops to the ground.

I can hear my chooks busily chatting as they go about their early morning scratchings. I’ve heard from the boys they are much happier now. The coop has been successfully divided. Mama Mavis and Nugget, the bigger two of the flock have settled and Gizmo is once again reunited with her siblings…. yes, I hear her happy chatterings as the boys enter the coop.

I miss them all, their boks and cheeps and low light whistles. Every now and again when I get to stand by the kitchen door, I call “hello my lovelies!” I can see them stretch their feathered necks to see where I’m calling from.

The cold chill on days like today makes the ankle cranky and although my desires are to get out the ol’ crutch and wobble my way around the yard – I know the gloom that hangs there. That unsteady ground and the weak “poorly”, combined, makes for a recipe for just a slight disaster…

So, I’ll just keep on being patient…….


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