Tuesday, June 16

finding more

It has been an extremely long week. Or better yet extremely long year. At times I think I may have just gotten it all together and them BAM, slap me seven colours of Sunday, something hits me from the left and then right and then from above.

But I'm dealing with it... one day at a time, like a recovering alcoholic... but without having to give up the alcohol part.... No I couldn't give that up, not just yet anyways.

Mr P. has been keeping himself all shades of busy with our home, bless his lovable bipolar soul..
Do souls suffer from Bipolar, I wonder? And that has kind of thrown me off. It's not because of the actual renovation part, but rather the repacking and moving the whole house upside down again. It takes me back to when the storm first hit and we were living in just the lounge and then the aftermath of all that too. I sigh....

But progress will be made and our home will stand strong again and I can carry on with what Mr. P calls "All My Hocus Pocus" again.. And then I think to myself... Self - maybe that's what has been the issue all this time - No Hocus Pocus.

But I know deep down it is not only that there is more.

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