Friday, September 4

the apron, the hat and the chef


There has been much anticipation and plenty of excitement through the week as we have been preparing for today. Today, at Garren's school, is Spring Day and Literacy Day all rolled into one. The theme for the day was The Gingerbread Boy with all the little junior primary boys dressing up as chefs and presenting the class with their chosen veggie and fruit animals.

We have been researching and planning and plotting and scheming the whole week long. Starting on Sunday with the apron, after attempting one for the kitchen with the left over material from our new curtains, G decided that a homemade-by-Mum-apron would be preferred. We all know by now the special friendship I have with my sewing machine - right? Then Monday through Wednesday googling all kinds of veg and fruit animals. All the preparing would be done at home and then dismantled, packed and then reassembled again at school for his class. I think he chose well. I've always been very fond of ducks and often dream that there are a couple in the coop with my chooks and maybe even a few goats and.... (this is where Rob steps in and rudely awakens me!).... ok moving on...!

Oh and the hat... white would be just too plain boring now wouldn't it?

Angie xxx


  1. Love the apron and the hat!!! :)
    You are an awesome momma - and I think you NEED ducks in your coop too! <3

  2. What fun, the apron, hat and duck are amazing.

  3. that duck is something! my favorite is the last photo and his pride!! Great apron and hat!!


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